lunedì 7 dicembre 2015

"So Far" on Beach Sloth

With each gentle ring of the guitar Firetail’s “So Far” ascends to the heavens. Nothing on “So Far” moves quickly. Adhering to a slowcore/drone aesthetic the songs gain their impact through sheer power. The expertly arranged songs are canvases painting austere landscapes. Restrained to its very core by using a select amount of textures Firetail uses the minimal approach to maximal effect. For these are songs that are quietly emotional with their impact exploring elements of decay, with every gesture slowing dying away to reveal a deep autumnal beauty. 

Somber in tone is the glacial pacing of “End=Beginning”. Reminiscent of Stars of the Lid’s early rock-orientated work the song shines with regal beauty. “Floating Around” hovers about with great physical power. Oddly mournful is the saddened hues of “Calculator” with a careful sound that seems to be exploring empty bleak terrain. Nearly silent is the very quiet restrained work of “Ajax”. Merging elements of the world and of Firetail’s epic drone is the lively work of “Narcolepsy”. By far the highlight of the album is the tender work of “The Forest Album By Alan Sparhawk” whose down to earth twang does wonders. Closing things off on a tremendous note is the playfully titled baroque work of “Little Droner Boy”. 

On “So Far” Firetail takes his time and it is well worth the wait. Vibrating with life and passion, these are pieces that wrap themselves around the listener giving them an entirely new world to explore.