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"Nylon" on Sodapop

Particolare interessante come Vittorio Veneto sia un luogo speciale per la musica: gruppi ed etichette di quella città hanno sempre qualcosa da dire e sempre su temi che mi trovano interessato, non credo che sia un caso. Se aggiungo poi che per motivi extra musicali è un posto che frequento, che mi piace la glera e anche il montasio… dovrei chiedere la residenza! Scopro solo oggi Andrea Vascellari (parente di Nico? non importa, attivo anche come Lullabier) e il suo progetto ambient drone Firetail: l’uscita digitale è davvero concisa, con tre brani per nemmeno un quarto d’ora di sola chitarra acustica ed effetti ma vale la pena non lasciarla da parte, soprattutto se siete come me fan dell’ambient tranquilla e malinconica. Tra tutti i riferimenti possibili quello di Nathan Amundson/Rivulets (uscito anche su Silentes, sempre di Vittorio Veneto) è il più vicino e non è un nome da poco: melodie dolci ed echi vi culleranno per
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"Nylon" on Beach Sloth

Firetail goes for a subtle style with the subdued “Nylon”. By opting for such a delicate touch, the pieces resonate much more strongly. Over the course of the journey everything feels so soothing and so familiar. Every piece builds off the last, resulting in an unspoken narrative. By taking on a hushed awe, the pieces have a meditative quality to them. Volume works wonders in revealing the many charms, the gorgeous twists and turns that Firetail embarks upon. Gentle to its very core, Firetail’s restraint results in an interesting intersection of shoegaze meets drone, post-rock meets classical. Multifaceted, Firetail presents a soothing sort of realm one that feels vibrant. Pastoral imagery flashes across the tactile work of “June Bugs” which opens the collection up with an understated gracefulness. Coming into bloom with such care the entirety of the piece works wonders, delving into a mysticism of sorts. On “Own Temple” the song burrows into the psyche, as various guitar feedback gat

"Nylon" on Floorshime Zipper Boots

After a three year wait, Italian artist/producer Firetail, aka Andrea Vascellari, has returned, with a new EP, Nylon. The three tracks are an original take on ambient music, having been performed entirely in one take and utilizing only a classical guitar. Eschewing the normal banks of synths, Vascellari creates a mesmerizing soundscape of varied sonic vibes. Lush and pleasing, he takes the classical guitar into otherworldly textures and soothing melodic structures, that at times suggest violin and cello. An altogether imaginative and welcome experience. Stream and buy Nylon at the link below.

"Nylon" on Avant Music News

Firetail is the endeavor of Andrea Vascellari, who recorded this 14-minute EP in one take earlier this month. Aptly titled, Nylon features just classical guitar, albeit heavily processed. The result is a set of three short drones. The source material for each can be discerned with careful listening – vibrating, rattling, and scraping of strings. But from there Vascellari uses delays to overlap tones into rolling waves of sound that ebb and flow. While minimalist in nature, Nylon encompasses both pastoral and mildly harsh moments. Vascellari is at his best when unleashes rapidly morphing walls of noise that demand the listener’s attention. Still, Nylon can be enjoyed on many levels, and the detail therein will reward those who are looking for immersive or observational musical experiences.


After a 3 years hiatus, I revived my ambient-alterego Firetail recording a brief EP called Nylon. Every song has been played using just a classical guitar, and recorded directly in one single take. Minimal as Stars Of The Lid, droney as Labradford, spacey as Flying Saucer Attack.   Nylon by Firetail

"So Far" on Beach Sloth

With each gentle ring of the guitar Firetail’s “So Far” ascends to the heavens. Nothing on “So Far” moves quickly. Adhering to a slowcore/drone aesthetic the songs gain their impact through sheer power. The expertly arranged songs are canvases painting austere landscapes. Restrained to its very core by using a select amount of textures Firetail uses the minimal approach to maximal effect. For these are songs that are quietly emotional with their impact exploring elements of decay, with every gesture slowing dying away to reveal a deep autumnal beauty.  Somber in tone is the glacial pacing of “End=Beginning”. Reminiscent of Stars of the Lid’s early rock-orientated work the song shines with regal beauty. “Floating Around” hovers about with great physical power. Oddly mournful is the saddened hues of “Calculator” with a careful sound that seems to be exploring empty bleak terrain. Nearly silent is the very quiet restrained work of “Ajax”. Merging elements of the world and of Firetail

"So Far" on Rockerilla

Dall'intimità silenziosa di un progetto slowcore di grande impatto alla costruzione di immense cattedrali droniche. Da Lullabier a Firetail lungo un percorso che vede Andrea Vascellari cambiare pelle e inaugurare una nuova casa discografica, la VeniVersus. La sua costante attività compositiva viene racchiusa in questa raccolta definitiva comprendente tutto il materiale stampato dal musicista trevigiano dall'inizio della carriera ed è una gioia per i sensi. Una sorta di eterea sinfonia avvolta lungo infiniti accordi di chitarra trattati con l'uso di un processore in grado di dilatare l'istante del piacere trasformandolo in sette movimenti di pura spazialità dronica. Game of drones.